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The OAS is a progressive professional society whose members and activities constitute an invaluable resource to the regulation of radioactive materials and radiation safety across the nation. Together through committed, collaborative partnerships with state and federal agencies and other professional organizations, we will:

  • Improve regulation of radioactive material;
  • create a unified culture that values its members’ participation and opinions; and
  • ensure that the OAS stands strong in representing its members who regulate the majority of radioactive material facilities within the United States.

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The 2016 OAS Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 21-25, 2016, at the Downtown Embassy Suites in Denver Colorado.

Downtown Embassy Suites Denver

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The OAS is a nonprofit, voluntary, scientific and professional society incorporated in the District of Columbia. The membership of OAS consists of state radiation control directors and staff from the 37 Agreement States who are responsible for implementation of their respective Agreement State programs. The purpose of the OAS is to provide a mechanism for these Agreement States to work with each other and with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on regulatory issues associated with their respective agreements.

DOE/NNSA Recovers One Millionth Curie of Radioactive Material

Last month, the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) recovered its one millionth curie (Ci) of disused and unwanted radioactive sources from domestic sites through its Off-Site Source Recovery Project (OSRP). These removals were part of DOE/NNSA’s global campaign to prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear and radiological material. 

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman MacFarlane Announces Georgia is off Probation

Chairman Allison MacFarlane addressed the 2014 Organization of Agreement States' Annual Meeting in Chicago. During her Chairman's Address, Chairman MacFarlane announced that the State of Georgia's Radiation Control Program's probationary period will be ended.

The Georgia program had been placed on probation after an Integrated Materials Performance Evaluation Program review. Chairman MacFarlane congratulated Georgia on the progress and improvements they have made.

We Don't Make Headlines, Because We do Our Job.

Q: Have you read the newspaper headlines and seen the television news of all the radiation accidents, overexposures, lost sources, contamination cases and radiation illnesses?
A; No

Then thank your State Radiation Control Program, for they must be doing their job.

Judee Walden, KS Dept of Health and Environment

NRC Launches National Source Tracking System Blog

NRC has launched a National Source Tracking System Blog! This Blog will be a way for the NRC to communicate upcoming events and important information regarding the NSTS with their user community. In the coming months, they will be providing information on topics such as:

* Annual Inventory Reconciliation
* Certificate Renewals
* Tips on NSTS Usage

David Walter Hall of Fame 2013

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