Jim Lynch, NRC Honored with OAS Hall of Fame Award

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This year’s Hall of Fame recipient is very well known to the Agreement States as many of us have had opportunities to work with this person over the years.  This person has been a strong advocate for the Agreement State program and the IMPEP process.Starting with the NRC in 1981, this individual spent some time as an inspector and license reviewer before settling into his current position in 1992. At one point along the path he wrote a brilliant 10+ page white paper on why the NRC should do away with the GL program. But unfortunately for of us, it never made it past his branch chief.He is a recipient of the NRC Meritorious Service Award – the NRC’s 2nd highest award.In his current role he has performed over 100 IMPEP and State reviews as a team member or team leader. It makes me think that the title on his business card should read “IMPEP Grand Master” rather than State Agreements Officer. From the information I received only 3 states – Alabama, Arkansas, and Maryland – have escaped his mighty IMPEP grasp. It was also reported to me that he tends to put states in Region IV on heightened oversight or monitoring which creates additional work for his counterparts who are already complaining that he only has about ½ as many states to work with as they do.On the personal side, “Uncle Jimmy” as Aaron McCraw as deemed him, describing him as “that cool uncle everyone always wished they had,” hails from the great state of Minnesota. During my research for this presentation I was told he uses expressions like ‘hey der’ and ‘you betcha’ and his protracted vowel sounds are a dead giveaway, but ‘yeah sure, don’cha’ know, I was a little confused by all of this. I think it was a dig of some kind, but I don’t get it.He’s an accomplished wallyball player – you know, the volleyball game that’s played on a racquet ball court. Although wallyball didn’t make the 2016 Olympics there is some rumbling about it making it into the 2020 games. That may be just Uncle Jimmy talking though.He is quite the gardener and enjoys all things plant life. He won’t even be offended if you call him a treehugger. The gardening thing is getting serious too. He’s beginning his second career with his wonderful master-gardener wife, Karla, assisting her with garden tours of Europe. But he kind of described his assistance to me as helping people on and off the bus and putting their luggage in the storage areas. I guess that counts as assistance for a garden tour.You probably know he’s a big baseball fan and fortunately for him, now is a great time to be a Chicago Cubs fan. We all know that IMPEP reviews lead by Uncle Jimmy are scheduled with the local baseball schedule in hand.All kidding aside, Jim Lynch’s depth of knowledge, along with his calm, mild mannered demeanor has made him a great asset as the Region III State Agreements Officer. His availability to answer questions from any of the State programs is much appreciated. And his wisdom and wit will be truly missed upon his retirement. Jim is indeed the most class act, fantastic person we know. And I am honored to be the one presenting him this award.Congratulations to the 2016 Hall of Fame Award recipient – Jim Lynch.
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